Suave Kids Body Wash and Shampoo Set 18oz - 4 Pack

Suave Kids Body Wash and Shampoo Set 18oz - 4 Pack

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Make bath time a fun and enjoyable experience with Suave Kids! This Watermelon Wonder 3 in 1 combines kids' shampoo conditioner and body wash in one quick step making it perfect for kids who can't sit still! The mild shampoo cleanses and refreshes kids’ hair while the conditioner helps reduce split ends and eliminate tough tangles for soft and manageable hair. The body wash softens and smooths skin as the subtle watermelon scent leaves kids’ hair and skin smelling fresh and looking clean until their next bath. This 3 in 1 shampoo conditioner body wash cleanser for kids is made with a tear-free hypoallergenic formula that has been ophthalmologist-tested and dermatologist-tested to make sure your child has an enjoyable experience — and that bath time goes smoothly for you. For best use squeeze a gum ball-sized amount to wet hair and lather into a wig of bubbles. Massage over wet skin. Rinse thoroughly leaving behind soft clean hair and skin. Try the Suave Kids Purely Fun Hair Detangler to make hair even easier to manage and style. Experiment with different hair products and scents including Coconut Peach and Raspberry until you find your kids’ favorite Suave shampoo conditioner and body wash. Suave Kids offers a range of hair products and skin products designed specifically for kids. Try our Silly Apple hair detangler to smooth out knots or our Fresh Spider-Sense 3-in1 kids shampoo hair conditioner and body wash.


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  • 18oz each bottle


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