Many of us parents are trying to figure out how to keep some normalcy for our children as we navigate through these crazy times of living through a pandemic, working from home and dealing with remote schooling/homeschooling for our children.  Now we have to throw into the mix how to make our kids happy and somehow celebrate Halloween without putting their health or ours at risk.  

     Governor Murphy of New Jersey most recently announced that Halloween is “not just a fun activity but a tradition” as he offers some guidance on how we could safely celebrate Halloween, such as mandated wearing of face masks that cover your nose and mouth (You can get your Halloween cloth face mask with replaceable filter here:,  emphasizing that your costume mask is not to be used as a replacement for your Covid 19 protective face covering.  Additionally, he recommends 6 ft. social distancing from other trick or treaters who are not in your group, and that home owners either leave a container of wrapped candy on their porch; set-up a station for kids to pick up individually wrapped candy and wash their hands before handling the candy. He also, adds that home owners themselves should wear masks when they come to the door all to minimize touch and contact.  This all seems prudent, but I’m more inclined to come up with a home activity as the CDC states that they do not recommend trick or treating, as it could spread disease. (

     So, here we are as parents trying to figure it out. How to keep our kids safe and how do we create an experience for our beloved children to have fun.  As parents we know our kids are being deprived of the simple act of playing with other kids and enjoying life’s simplicities, so much so that some are even compelled to allow them to trick or treat during a pandemic  just to see them smile, and to feel that on some level things are normal as they celebrate this Halloween.  However, for those who want to play it a little safer and still desperately want their children to participate in the Halloween tradition here are some suggestions that you and your family may enjoy: 

    1)  First of all, I would strongly recommend buying your kids a costume or halloween make-up and decorating the house inside and outside with some ghoulish halloween decor, so that they still get to dress up and have that ‘spooky’ experience of Halloween. If you're having trouble this year finding costumes.  You may want to check out Halloween Express, they carry a vast array of costumes and Halloween decor (Halloween Express:

    2)  Secondly, something I’m thinking of doing myself along with one my many other jobs :) is creating a haunted house.  Sure, get the whole family involved.  Decorate the rooms, turn the lights off and have “daddy” play a couple of spooky characters to entertain the kids.

    3)  One idea that I know will be a lot of fun that my kid will love is dressing up for Halloween along with the rest of us of course, and running around outside the house playing spooky, hide and go seek tag.  Now, this game doesn’t really exist of course, but believe me I’ve had to invent a lot of fun family activities during the stay at home, Covid 19 Pandemic situation, so let’s just add “Spooky Halloween Hide & Go Seek”, Tag to  my list or things to do to entertain my kids.  

   4)  Lastly, let’s top off the night for our kids that have ADHD and don’t need a lot of sugar with some Dye-Free Healthy Halloween Treats By Meg Unprocessed Plant Based Living.


Feel free to comment below on fun family Halloween ideas and of course, healthy Halloween treats for our kids with ADHD.

Happy Halloween to  everyone and please, be safe!


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Recipe for Dye-Free Healthy Halloween Treats By Meg Unprocessed Plant Based Living.

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