Many people are trying to decide what to get a child with ADHD for Christmas. That's a peculiar question as children with ADHD are no different from any other kid in that they just want to have fun.  When they open their presents on  Christmas morning they want to see a real present. You know the kind that both you and I had growing up, the ones that we can open up right away and start playing with. I don’t know who is putting together these top 10 lists of toys for kids with ADHD for Christmas I’ve been seeing posted lately, but I doubt very seriously if they wanna’ open up a present with a timer, an organizer, a planner like I’ve been seeing on these list floating around, I mean let’s get real they still are kids. They like to play and have fun just like any other kid.

I think the better question may be which gift to give kids with ADHD that they will not only enjoy, but that will also aid or soothe one of their ADHD symptoms, such as sensory issues, fidgeting, focusing or just burning off some of that extra energy.  

Here is our list of The Best Gifts to give your child chosen by our team of gifted and exceptional kids with ADHD.(By the Way any kid would love these gifts)


Christian's World STEM DIY Solar Robot Kit:  Education Science Experiment Kits for Kids Ages 8-12, 190 Pieces Building Set for Boys & Girls. Children with ADHD possess the gift to sustain their energy through long, laborious tasks. They have also proven to be creative and inventive, particularly in a stimulating learning environment. STEM projects stimulate many areas of the brain whereas the child has to be creative, problem solve, use math as well as use their fine motor skills. Stem projects typically foster the child's full engagement in the projects




Christian's World Fidget & Sensory 29 Piece Fun Pack:

Fidget Toys Bundle: 29 types of anti stress Toys: Push bubble-Llama-Camouflage Color, Push Bubble-Game Player -Camouflage Color, Squishies, Infinity Cube, Peek A Boo-Fidget Green Bean Toy, Magic Rainbow Ball, Pop_Tubes: Mixed Colors, Fidget Squishy DNA Balls: Clear with colored balls inside, Fidget Controller Pad Toy-Two Different Colors or Styles, Multicolor Marble Mesh, Push Bubble Fidget Spinner-Camouflage or Mixed Color, Snap & Click Snake ,Rainbow Push Bubble.






Push Bubble Pop It Fidget/Sensory Toys: Llama

Fun Fidget/Sensory toy. Just press the bubbles down and they make a slight pop sound; then flip it over and start again!
Pop fidget toys provide great sensory interaction and keep kids engaged and little hands busy - because little hands enjoy popping the bubbles (Big hands too!)

Colorful Camouflage Llama.  Colors May Vary.
Soft silicone material. Bendable and restores quickly after kneading.
Convenient to carry. Small, portable and easy to carry.
Reusable and Washable. Easy to Wash.





Christian's World: DIY-Ice Cream Slime Kit for Boys and Girls

 Every little kid loves slime. Slime is more than gooey fun that kids love.

Slime is actually a tactile sensory experience for kids. Its unique texture allows kids to tune into their sense of touch. Other similar activities are bubbles and play-doh.

DIY Ice Cream Parlor Slime  – make tons of Fluffy, Butter, Cloud & Foam Slimes
Slime Making Kit has everything you need - ideal gift for for 6 year old and older-girls and boys. 
Sprinkles included in our Fluffy Slime kit for kids! Squish your slime into cute ice cream cones!
Make the fluffiest slime ever in all of your favorite ice cream colors & scents & pop a cherry on top!
Follow the step by step recipes included & make lots of different fluffy slimes. 
Lab Tested for Children's Safety: CPC, CPSIA, ASTM. Approved for USA Standards. Instructions Included. Comes in Self Storage Containers. Containers: Colors: Blue and Pink. 




Push Bubble Fidget Spinners: 2-in-1 Fidget Spinner: Push bubbles for fun, anxiety and stress release. And of course the fidget spinner itself, every kid loves playing with fidget spinners. Many kids like to take a break from their lesson and fidget with their fidget spinner. Keeps their little hands busy and their minds temporarily focused on the fidget spinner and away from any other stressful issues.


Crystal Growing Science Kit:

Science Kits, every kid loves the wonderment of a good science experiment. Science opens kids mind to the world around them and how it works. Fostering their inquisitive minds of discovery and creativity.




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